Hersh Joins Dave Ramsey Team

  • Published: 07/29/2011
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Brett Hersh, the owner of HBS Tax, has received Dave Ramsey’s exclusive endorsement as the quad-state region’s professional tax and accounting service provider.  “This is simply great,” says Hersh, “I have been a fan and student of Dave’s for years.  It’s a perfect pairing of missions - helping businesses and individuals achieve financial independence.”

Dave Ramsey is host of the Dave Ramsey Radio Show, author of the best selling Total Money Makeover, and the founder of Financial Peace University.  Dave Ramsey’s organization is devoted to educating individuals about the true cost of debt, helping them turn their debt into savings, and, finally, transform their savings into financial freedom.

“This is simply great,” says Hersh, “I have been a fan and student of Dave’s for years.  It’s a perfect pairing of missions - helping businesses and individuals achieve financial independence.”

Becoming a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider (ELP) follows an extensive interview and accreditation process.  Dave Ramsey endorsees must be qualified professionals in their fields and share Dave’s financial philosophy.  They must also have the heart of a teacher.

“Instances in which debt-risk is justified by a gambled return are exceedingly rare in business and, with the possible exception of a primary residence, completely nonexistent for individuals and families.  Unfortunately, our culture has embraced the myth that happiness is somehow related to a debt-fueled celebration of things.” says Hersh.  “Reality, however, is quite different: Debt decreases financial security and increases risk, it robs the debtor of current income, steals the debtor’s future earnings potential, and makes the mortgage payment master of important life choices.”

Hersh, who received both Economics and Accounting degrees from Shepherd University, helps individuals and businesses resolve their tax problems.  “Most of the serious tax problems we deal with are really debt problems that grew into tax problems.”  Hersh attributes many tax problems to the housing-market crash and recession.  “An unprecedented number of families could not pay their debt and lost their homes to foreclosure or short sale.  This can create serious tax issues.  Other tax problems arose after individuals and businesses paid their debts instead of their taxes.

“We can help individuals and businesses with the IRS.  But the recession doesn’t seem to have cured us of our debt habit.  The housing bubble burst so the federal government just started another one.  About forty cents of each dollar the government spends is borrowed,” says Hersh.  “It is debt incurred without measurable efficiencies or clearly defined goals that increase our productive capacity.  It is largely spending for spending’s sake and, like debt-propelled home values of the mid-90s, cannot last forever.  If we do not become educated to this reality, I fear the next round of debt-created tax problems we resolve will be those of former government employees.”

Hersh believes that this is why Dave’s Ramsey’s message is so valuable.  “It is simple, concise and I am honored to be associated with it: Real wealth is much like happiness.  It has absolutely nothing to do with things, must be created for ourselves, and cannot be borrowed from another.”

As an ELP, Hersh is responsible for helping individuals and businesses in over 3,000 square miles located in the Eastern Panhandle, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Western Maryland.

In addition to Accounting and Economic Degrees, Brett Hersh received a Masters in Business Administration from West Virginia University College of Business and Economics.  He is also an Enrolled Agent licensed by the US Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service.  Brett Hersh can be reached at (304) 267-2594, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or through http://www.Hbsbusiness.com.  For more information on Dave Ramsey visit http://www.Daveramsey.com.

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  • Author: Brett Hersh
  • Bio: Brett Hersh, EA, MBA, is the owner of HBS TAX & Small Business Experts. He is an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the IRS and licensed by the US Treasury Department to prepare all tax returns and represent taxpayers before the IRS for audits, collections and appeals. He is also Dave Ramsey’s ELP for Tax and Accounting, a continuing education instructor for tax professionals through Lorman Education, and a local speaker/presenter on the topics of tax and business growth. He can be reached at (304) 267-2594.