Derek Blankenship, Bright Mobile Media

I started my business with idea that would help businesses communicate more effectively. This idea led me to build my first LED truck. Then progress stopped. Going door-to-door wasn’t drumming up the business I needed to break-even. I knew I had a great product but didn’t really have a plan to realize its potential. That’s when a friend referred me to Hersh Business Services. HBS handles my taxes. But their largest contribution to growing my business was hooking me up with Growth Strategies, LLC.

Growth Strategies analyzed my costs and explained how these costs impact profitability. Then they studied the uses of my product, divided customers into groups and studied the profit potential of each market. As a result, I discovered that my most profitable customers were in a group I had not even considered! They even created a program to help me price jobs and maximize profits.

Then Growth Strategies helped me create “systems” to ensure that my customers remain happy and loyal. They explained the psychology of marketing and helped me develop a plan that lands new customers for pennies on the dollar. Now they are helping to clarify my long range goals and will remain an active in my business, reviewing progress and keeping me on track.

If you want an, eye-grabbing, effective way to promote your business, call me, Derek Blankenship, at Bright Mobile Media (800-478-9369). If you want to build a more successful business, hook up with Growth Strategies, LLC. A few hours with Growth Strategies is like four years of Business College. But at this school they not only teach, they DO. And they only do the stuff that makes you more money.

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